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Spanish dubbing company

We are benchmark of high quality in the dubbing market, we dubb without accent, great to shows for Latinoamerica

About Us?

NK Producciones S.A.S


Through commitment, quality and timeliness, NK, with headquarters in Bogota (Colombia), dubs foreign audiovisual products, such as soap operas, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries and films, for private or governmental companies from different countries that may have that need. We deliver a high quality product, within the agreed timeline and using an excellent Spanish (neutral, without accents), ideal to make the customers' product stand out with high international market penetration and generating more profitability. Our great human and ethical warmth is a quality and virtue which enables us to increase the number of projects produced.

Spanish Dubbing Cartoons and anime series


NK aims to become a Spanish dubbing company with international recognition by 2021, with high share of the world market, thanks to its talent, responsibility, love for what we do, and respect for our clients. This will help us generate confidence, differentiate ourselves from our competition, and build up a solid and defined character in our team, ideal to face future challenges or changes, while diversifying and expanding our service portfolio, generating new employment, and contributing with social development to our community.

Our Values

The commitment with our customers - NK Producciones SAS
The Quality our best one value in our Spanish Dubbing Studio NK Producciones SAS
We are the best team for the Spanish Dubbing Productions NK Producciones SAS
Our responsibility is bigger than another Spanish Dubbing Studios in the market


Nancy Elena Cortés Arévalo Founder and CEO of NK Producciones SAS

Nancy Elena Cortés Arévalo
CEO - Founder

Head of Engineering in NK Producciones SAS

Juan Camilo González
Head of Engineering

Chief accountant in NK Producciones SAS

Diego García Morales
Chief accountant

Voice actress

Nathalia Pérez
Voice actress

Voice actor

Fabián López
Voice actor

Voice actor

Renata Vargas
Voice actress

Voice actor

Juliana Vargas
Voice actress

Voice actor

Verónica Perilla
Voice actress

Voice actor

Brian Gómez
Voice actor

Voice actress

Claudia Cote
Voice actress

Nancy Elena Cortes Arévalo Voice actress and CEO of NK Producciones SAS

Nancy Cortés
Voice actress

Voice actress

Carol Pirajan
Voice actress

Voice actor

Alfonso Grau
Voice actor